Summer is here!

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Finally the rainy season is over and we can ride my bike!
At the same time, the season of sweating a lot has arrived.

PT-OB08 Cropped ventilation pants

First of all, it is the season when it is hard to wear long pants.
But if you don't want to show your knees, these pants are highly recommended.
"That's what I've been waiting for!" If you've been thought.Thank you for your patience.

そしてHIGH TECH linen。
Those of us who have last year's filter top hemp version have a subtle paused reaction, saying, yes, that's what's coming.
Yes, I know what you mean. I also have the filter top hemp version, both natural and black.
Still, seeing it makes me want it (laughs).

Initially, I was looking to use a stretchy hemp material for the filter top so that I could make a hemp version without a zipper in the back, but I couldn't find a good fabric for this, and the HIGH TECH shape has a wide neck even without stretch! So I decided to make it.
The silhouette and the material work well together to create a cool drape around the neck.
In the back, the shirt was nicknamed "Nausicaa shirt" or "Jedi shirt", and I ended up will buy it.

PT-OB08 Cropped ventilation pants

The hemp black is also cool.
This is another color that I will have to worry about.

If the elastic part of the mask is wrinkled, it is not cool and uncomfortable, so in such a case, pull the back of the mask like this to make it neat and clean.


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