About CCP

After creating many brands, Tsutomu Kijima, the representative of the company, founded a silk screen printing company CCP (Crazy Character Print) in 1996.

He launched the CCP brand shortly thereafter, initially making club wear. He loved techno, trance and ambient music, and danced from midnight to noon.

He also ran a record store for DJs (Global Chillage Tokyo in Shibuya, Tokyo), where he sold CCP clothing and was a distributor of speakers (Blue room mini pod speakers).

Then Kijima started commuting to work by bicycle, and the whole staff started using bicycles for transportation.

We discovered the fun of bicycling and started making casual clothing for bicycles, which was not yet available at that time.

Because we were playing rave, the outdoor genre was nothing special to us, and it was completely natural to see elements of the outdoors in CCP's clothing.

Nowadays, we offer clothing that can fit into any genre: cycling, outdoor, urban, and fashion.

Natural and futuristic may seem contradictory, but we see them as the same thing. The inspiration for our designs always comes from the nature that surrounds us.

We want to make clothes that are fun and needed.

We want to make clothes that are fun and needed, and we want to make clothes that are at their best for the consumer, rather than at their best when they are in the store.

The materials range from organic materials to petroleum-based functional materials.

We are always playing and having fun while creating, hoping that our next products will also be enjoyable.

CCP Made in Japan forever

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A STORE CHICKENNOT 24-4 Nakanomachi, Tominokoji-sanjo-agaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto +81-75-222-0664
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TOKYO wheels Nikki Kaikan Building 3F, 2-27-2 Higashi Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo +81-3-4590-7685
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