Suddenly, we're moving.

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JK-OB06 Windbreaker

I've always had a piece of paper on my computer desktop with the goal of "moving to Asakusa! on my desktop. It's finally coming true.
The location was a little different in Shin-Okachimachi, but no problem at all.
That place we're moving to is so nice! I'm sure you'll all agree when you see it.
CCP secret base
Opening on the lucky day of November. (More details will be posted on this blog.)
So, CCPshop will be closed for cleaning on October 25, 26 and 27.
I've been busy with everything,
but I just uploaded my windbreaker to the online store!
This is a windbreaker for face parkas, and many people seem to be looking for it.
So, will you be here for the last chance to see the CCPshop in Sumida-ku?


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