Spring items are coming up one after another!

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VT-LB01 / Loose Full Face Vest

The vest's secret large back pockets and ventilation system are really well thought out in the foreground. As an added bonus, it will be set up with my favorite HK06 shorts, which will be coming up shortly after this.

LS-LB02 / Cargo Shirt Jacket

And the cargo shirt jacket is ready today and I am in trouble because both are good.
Military-style shirt jacket with flap pockets on sleeves. Water-repellent cotton-nylon ripstop material.
It will taste good.

It is warm enough to wear short sleeves during the daytime, but as one would expect, it becomes chilly as soon as the sun goes down, so it is advisable to have a coat of clothing ready.

This item is just right for throwing on quickly.


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