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ST-LB03B / Front PK POLO

Mocha was a good color, but khaki was even better than expected.
This design polo goes beyond the concept of a polo shirt.

Hmm? Sassan's chic idea was to open the concealed zipper on the right side, and found a hook for attaching a key from inside the pocket, which was not in the sample, but was suddenly attached in the production.

PS-LB04 Pleated Pocket Shorts

And these loose-fitting shorts are made of cotton-nylon water-repellent rip cloth material. Seemingly casual, yet full of gimmicks.
Charcoal is a brownish color that coordinates beautifully with mocha.

HT-L102 / Soarinen Beanie

This is one of those "I've been waiting for! We have received many requests for the Soarinen Beanie.
We have received many requests.。
そAnd the color is so good!
The dark brown is a color that has never been seen before.
It goes great with the charcoal color of the pleated pocket shorts.

It's already getting hot and humid, so nice timing already!

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