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I came back to here with a certificate as a Kirameki leader.

I realized what I felt during my volunteer activities in the disaster areas of Fukushima and Kumamoto. It seems that there is a need for restoration, repair, and cleanup, but I often can't get out of the office on a daily basis, and I have a family and a company, so I feel a dilemma that I can't move easily, and I wondered if I could find some other meaning to my activities. That's when I came across this group, checked it out, and joined.

Let's make the mountains strong and healthy. That's when I found Kirameki.

I received my certification through the leader's course and decided the direction of my activities from here on.

In order to find the owner of the mountain and revive the forest that has been neglected for decades, we thin the trees, take the trees, peel and dry them naturally, transport them from the mountain, process them into materials, sell them, repair them, and build them.

This is what I fell in love with and have been studying.

We are working to create mountains that are less prone to disasters, to stop the destruction of forests and nature in other countries, to provide domestically produced products at low prices, and to create permanent jobs. I would like to create a global citizen who can be recommended to others as a job with a future of expansion. I have found a job that I can do for the rest of my life.

Farming, forestry, maybe fishing next! I will continue to challenge myself wherever I can.

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