ZA-W004 / Apron Coat Ver.GB2 - long sleeve type

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Apron Coat GB2 version long sleeve type

“Requires work clothes that can be worn on a daily basis, specific to the work of a sculptor or model maker."

The design is based on a kappogi (Japanese apron) with an open back, and while it fits a variety of body types, it is so comfortable that you will forget you're wearing it and won't have the tightness in your shoulders that is common when sitting in a chair with a knit or apron.
The large open sides are also designed to allow for a wider range of motion.
The fabric is made of thin ripstop nylon, which is not only durable but also overwhelmingly light and quick-drying compared to thicker work clothes such as cotton.
The neck is a large V-neck so that it can be worn over a collared shirt.
The length of the garment is long enough to cover your knees when you sit down to guard against shavings and dust.
The waist belt is designed to be tucked inside when not in use.
The pockets are zippered, as I knew that the tools I needed would end up on my desk.

SizeDress LengthRaglan SleeveChestHem Girth
  • MATERIAL : Nylon 100%
  • MODEL : T176cm W62kg
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  • NAVY
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