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There may have been a lot of people who didn't know about this item, but the high neck long sleeve, a base layered item that will be a big hit at CCP2021A&W, is now available.
It's a very simple item, but it's made of the same 4-way cloth material that is used for the CCP Sacoche and Baisako, but with a different thickness.
This item can be worn with a high neck or turtleneck, but it also hides the mouth and can be held in place without the need for adjusters.
Today, I tried on the one I had ordered and was impressed with the fit!
I highly recommend this one! I'd like to have it in three different colors.

LT-OA10 / High Neck Long Sleeve PT-OB10 DOUGI

After all, if you have black and khaki, anything goes.
It goes perfectly with the khaki DOUGI.

LT-OA10 / High Neck Long Sleeve PT-OA12 / Athletic Pants

Wine is a color that attracts me at the start of autumn.
Let's go with the athletic bordeaux!

HT-O005 / Mesh Cap

And the mesh cap you've been waiting for.

You'd think it wouldn't come out this summer anymore, but it have been slipped in and was uploaded on 8/31.
This time, the spit is CCP's original bicycle camouflage pattern.

The above two models has been uploaded at the end of summer.


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