What's your winter outerwear for this year?

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We used to spend every year wondering if our winter outerwear would come up properly at the time we all wanted it, but not this year.
It came up at the beginning of fall, thanks to our early stocking.

JK-OB03 Sten Collar Coat

It comes with a liner, which can be removed and the outer layer can be worn right away.

The liner for the khaki is khaki, and the liner for the dark green is mustard, a CCPshop exclusive color.

It's nice to be able to wear the liner by itself, I'd rather have the liner by itself, but...

When combined with a liner, it is so warm that you can wear a T-shirt inside even in the middle of winter.

And although the liner is set to be worn front + back by turning it inside out and buttoning it to the outer garment, it was discovered that it was also interesting to wear it front + front as shown in the image above.

This is a very versatile coat.
You may want to lend the liner to your girlfriend during the fall.


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