It's just so cool without feeling pretentious.

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It is a jacket that allows you to enjoy the wrinkles that we have been wanting for a long time.
Since we also make standard set-ups, it has been missing from our seasonal lineup, but we decided to make it this year.
"Since we're going all out, let's make it out of the best fabric we want!"
And we chose this shape memory material.

JK-OB04 Tailored Jacket

These wrinkles give it a cool atmosphere without being too cool.
It's easy to wear, but it's still a tailored jacket and can be used for formal occasions.


We've also worn it with the very popular DOUGI, and it doesn't look out of place anymore.
It also works well as a stand-alone item.
Since there seems to be a lot of requests for the DOUGI, a third production run is scheduled for October 15, and it is already available for pre-order at the online store.

Different color, khaki. This was really cool, as expected!
It is military and expresses a more rugged look.
The front buttons have been changed to snap buttons for both colors, like the khaki one here.

PT-OB14 One-Tuck Pants

And these pants are also better!
It has an amazing presence along with the jacket.
It's surprisingly light when you wear it.
The feeling of wearing it while it is crispy is irresistible.

The silhouette is tapered with more room around the waist and thighs due to the tucks.
I've never seen a setup like this.


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