Imported full face for Christmas gift

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It starts every year at this time of the year. A full-face hoodie for a Christmas present. This year, We couldn't find the right fabric, so We made it out of Italian material.

T-OA20 Tartan check and LT-OA22 Fine pattern BLACK are printed on fleece, and LT-OA21 Geometric GREY is embossed on fleece.

All of them are thin, yet warm and comfortable to wear.

The patterns and colors are also, again, not something you can find in Japan.

All of them are finished in a way that will satisfy you.

Since there are only a few of them, and because we want to offer the best products possible at the lowest possible price, we decided to sell them only in the CCP SHOP this time.

Because the sample we made was a tartan check, the tartan check was immediately sold out.

However, like rock-paper-scissors after the fact, the other two patterns are also very cool.

Just when it's getting cold, good timing!

Today was my first time shooting in Taito Ward.


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