This is next weekend's event on Saturday, 5/21.

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We will be closed on weekends due to a series of openings, but we hope you will not make a mistake.

Yokohama Red Brick, and the following weekend, May 21 (Sat.), we will be at THE FLAPPERLAND DOORS in Nagatoro-cho, Saitama Prefecture.

Nagatoro-cho is a great spot to enjoy nature and sightseeing in Nagatoro. We will be in Nagatoro-cho the day before the event, starting Friday, so why don't you join us?
Oh, yes, we will be closed on Friday, May 20 for preparation of our stall


We will be closed on 5/14 (Sat), 5/15 (Sun), 5/20 (Fri), and 5/21 (Sat) for opening a new store.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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